Topic Thunder

A major news story has just broken. Twitter is going into meltdown and it's all anyone is talking about on social media.

Your brand can be a part of the conversation, so you come up with a cheeky, topical idea. Now it's all about speed to market.

Que radio.

When it comes to topical advertising, social media may seem like the obvious choice, especially after the success of Oreo's landmark 'dunk in the dark' 2013 Superbowl tweet, but no other media can match radio's speed to a mass audience. So it's a surprise that only a handful of brands have fully embraced the opportunity of being able to write, record and broadcast a radio ad, all on the same day.

In this issue of The EarBlog we celebrate those that have got it right, learn from those who got it wrong, and suggest ways a brand can hitch a ride on the latest viral smash.

For more tips on going topical, check out this article from Campaign.


Trump Card – Motel 6 & Netflix
Motels and Netflix may not be the first thing that springs to mind when discussing politics ... (Audio / Video)
Don't call me a chicken – Nandos
Nandos has a rich history for generating column inches with their controversial (audio) advertising ... (Audio / Video)
Proactive Reactive – Specsavers
If there’s one brand that’s always on the lookout for an ‘epic fail moment’, it’s Specsavers ... (Video)
Topical Thunder – BIC's epic fail
One of the hazards of topical advertising is the risk that you end up becoming the story ... (Video)
From YouTube to ad break – Mars
Brands can draw from the latest viral craze when they want to get topical. Here’s one of our favourite examples from Mars ... (Video)
"Audio-Cuteness" – Kinderstimmen wirken
Das Kindchenschema löst positive Emotionen, Interesse und Zuneigung aus. Dies funktioniert nicht nur in der Biologie, sondern auch in der (Radio-)Werbung ... (Audio)
The Earplug – XPump
A gadget that turns your stereo speakers into surround sound ... (Video)
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