2016 proved to be a defining year for radio & audio. The year sound became sexy again. Podcasts were booming, radio exceeded audience expectations, streaming reached a critical mass and best of all, advertisers allocated a bigger slice of their marketing pie to audio.

So in typical audio fashion, we wanted to celebrate with a bang.

We've enlisted a panel of renowned Creative Directors from around the globe to rank the year's best work, showcased the branded podcasts that are blazing a trail for the medium and we salute the award shows that really take the audio category seriously. And if that's not enough, we've picked out the pieces of tech that are blowing our ears and our minds.

Radio Advertising Award 2017
Bis einschließlich 3. Februar können Agenturen, Tonstudios und Werbetreibende ihre Hörfunkspots und Audio-Ideen über www.radio-advertising-award.de einreichen ... (Audio)
Best Award Winners 2016
To make it onto this list, a piece of work had to win Gold at a major award show this year. Our international jury of radio-loving ECDs then picked their top three entries to give us the following EarBlog rankings ... (Audio / Video)
Best Branded Podcasts of 2016
It's only taken a decade but brands have finally woken up to the potential of branded audio entertainment. Sure not all of them successfully got the balance right (Coke's new music podcast anyone?) but these three have helped raise the bar ... (Audio/Video)
Best Audio-Loving Award Shows
Here are three award shows that our judges felt did the best job in keeping radio and audio front and centre. They all use headsets, live judging and are careful to select juries that have had real-world experience in the audio world ... (Text)
Top Audio of Tech 2016
Get your ears around the technology that is changing the way we listen ... (Video/Text)
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