Best Branded Podcasts 2016

It’s only taken a decade but brands have finally woken up to the potential of branded audio entertainment. Sure, not all of them successfully got the balance right (Coke’s new music podcast anyone?) but these three have helped raise the bar.

1. Open For Business – Ebay

Gimlet’s first foray into branded podcasts saw them team up with the little known internet behemoth Ebay. The result was a smart, insightful podcast telling the story of businesses built from the ground up. Check out episode 6, exploring the gig economy and the rise of the internet’s self-employed.



2. The Message – General Electric

Seen by many as a ‘Sci-fi Serial (high praise indeed) GE’s The Message, took plenty of risks and a hell of a lot of awards home this year. It’s like a modern day War of the Worlds and one of the finest examples of branded content.



3. Hunt for the Truth – Halo 5

This iTunes ‘Best of Awards’ winner gave fans an opportunity to discover the game’s world prior to release. With an audience of over 5.5 million people,  it did great business for Halo 5.



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