The Sound of Craft

Eureka. You've cracked the big idea. You now have a choice. File your precious radio script away until the recording session? Or give it the same respect as your TV scripts and enlist expert help to bring it to life? 

In jury rooms around the globe, the execution of a great idea is usually the difference between silver and gold or gold and grand prix. Unexpected casting, authentic performances, getting creative with the voice-over bit, layered sound design ... that's what will determine whether someone hears your idea, or feels it.

ADC Audio Seminare
Die Radiozentrale und der ADC (Art Directors Club Deutschland) präsentieren die neuen ADC AUDIO-Seminare. Für alle interessierten Kreativen, Texter und Produzenten.
The Unexpected Voice
Lebanese Loto: The moral of this campaign is that no matter how bad you are, you can still be lucky. So, who better to tell us this than an archetypal British bad guy. // Virtua Cop: But, when it comes to the ultimate tough guy performance, it's hard to look past this Virtua Cop campaign. The people who cast this commercial went so far as to cast an actual criminal, and recorded the ad in jail.
The Sound of Understatement
Le BHV – Often the best sound effects are ones generated by the actors themselves, so wherever possible, get them to interact with the props. In this campaign for Le BHV, a bed was brought into a studio so the actors lines matched the sound of the sheets perfectly.
Expect the Unexpected
If the most important part of the message is relegated to the most boring part of the ad, the listener will tune out. In this Cannes Gold winning commercial for Ikea, the announcer continues the theme in a most unexpected way.
Online – Get Personal
With more people listening to audio with headphones than ever before, audio has never been so personal.If you have the right idea, don’t be afraid to get extremely close to your listener’s ears. This idea uses a Binaural microphone to put a bully in people’s heads.
The Sounds of Hollywood
Here’s a little insight into the lengths Hollywood’s foley artists go to craft the perfect soundscape.
The Earplug
Simon and Schuster took audio books to the next level (and dimension) with their 3-D re-imagination of iconic novels. What better way to scare yourself senseless than to listen to The Mist in 3-D. Stephen King's sinister imagination now has the sound design to match.
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